Pebbles and Toppings Driveways in Melbourne

Explore our different styles in toppings for driveways including Lilydale, Dromana and Tuscan

Create an attractive and functional driveway for your home with Melbourne’s driveway experts at Scapeworks. We have quality driveway gravel , stones and toppings in our diverse range including the most popular styles in Australia. Browse below.


Lilydale toppings

The Lilydale topping for driveways is a classic and great looking driveway material made from crushed rock and limestone marble. It is a driveway topping well suited to flat driveways and will compact naturally due to the lime within the crushed rock for best results.

Dromana toppings

A Dromana topping driveway is an extremely fine crushed rock product perfect for driveways, paths or garden bed bases. It comes in a brown/fawn colour and its fine grain makes it comfortable to walk on in bare feet.

Tuscan droppings

Tuscan toppings are great for those who prefer driveways of an earthy red/brown colour. It has a better grip than the Lilydale topping making it better suited to sloped driveway surfaces



10mm coloured river pebbles
25-40mm coloured river pebbles
50-100mm coloured river pebbles


Black and grey pebbles

20mm cream pebbles

7mm Pea gravel


300 x 300mm stepping stones –various colours
400 x 400mm stepping stones – various colours